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Osteology Academy Zlin, public benefit organization
tř. Tomáše Bati 3910, 760 01 Zlin, Czech Republic

Patient Association, Information for Patients

• WOD 2013 – Meeting of Patients Association with OAZ

OAZ Patients meeting 10 September 2013

More than one hundred patients gathered after summer holidays
in Tomas Bata villa on 10th September 2013.

The meeting was opened with two vocational lectures, one by Monika Chmelíková on the topic of Healthy Nutrition: ”How to follow the right and healthy diet. Tips for gaining an optimal weight”, the second by Zdenka Krhutova on the topic of  Physical Activities: ”What to do for one’s health”.  These two lectures were followed by a presentation given by Iva Nováková and Hana Atcheson who informed about the IOF Worldwide Conference of Patient Societies in Helsinki. They reported in detail on the lecture and seminar program which included practical physical exercises and meetings outside of the conference venue. This was illustrated with an abundance of photographs. 

Monika Chmelíková / Zdenka Krhutová

Iva Nováková / Hana Atcheson

One of the most important messages from Helsinki was the announcement of the new 2013 IOF campaign theme: ”Strong women make stronger women”. The main goal of the campaign is an orientation to women and their sense of belonging, their mutual support and inspiration for fighting osteoporosis.
Our patients agreed that Mrs. Dana Zátopková is the most suitable candidate for this campaign. Mrs Zatopková is an Olympic champion who gives a very good example of stamina and personal endeavour in overcoming not only sport challenges but also personal life struggles. She is an excellent person who embodies an image of a Woman of Steel for us.

We have submitted her nomination to the IOF central office.

The golden finale of the Zlín patients meeting program was a verse recital by
dr. Marie Holešovská who also illustrated her poems with her original art work.
It was a marvellous, unforgettable finish.

Marie Holešovská

Life Story of Dana Zátopková

We met Mrs. Dana Zátopková (91yrs. old) at a meeting of Patients Association of Osteology Academy in Zlín. She was introduced to us by Ing. Jindřich Roudný, an excellent athlete from Zlín, who is a European Champion in 3 000 m hurdles run.
Ing. Roudný is a close friend of Dana and Emil Zátopek, he trained with Emil in Zlín and in 1952 they took part in Olympic Games in Helsinki together. Ing. Roudný participated at the meeting of Patients Organisation together with Mrs. Dana Zátopková (see the picture).

Mrs. Zátopková´s stories and documents from her sport life and her sport success were very inspiring. Her physical fitness and strength, her stamina in overcoming life obstacles impressed our patients.

She became a ”WOMAN OF STEEL” for us.

Mrs. Dana Zátopková was born on the same day as her husband Emil Zatopek,
on 19 September, 1922.  Just like him she has devoted her life to sport. Their life story is related mainly to their participation in Olympic Games in Helsinki in 1952 were they won four golden medals and thus have become one of the most famous sport couple in the World. All together they have won seven Olympic medals and more sport medals from European championships.

Dana Zátopková comes from Uherské Hradiště, a small town in Moravia, not far from Zlín. She started being active in sports while studying at a Gymnázium (Secondary school). First she played tennis and team handball, then after the WWII she turned into athletics, javelin specifically. Emil Zátopek worked in Tomas Bata shoe factory at the time they met in Zlín at an athletic competition in 1948. In October, the same year, after returning from the Olympic Games in London, they got married.
Their luck came in Helsinki, at the Olympic Games. Dana received a gold medal in javelin and Emil received gold medals in a 5 km run, a 10 km run and also marathon which he ran the first time in his life. Emil Zátopek became a national hero.
All the success from sport was spoiled for Dana by consequences of a disease from childhood. Dana and Emil never had children. After all, sport helped them to overcome a difficult period in life and later they were happy even without offspring. Dana says that she never missed in meeting young people because she worked as a trained for many years. She says: ”I handled many young people.
I was their trainer and we have been meeting until today. They are close to me.”
After the Prague Spring, the Soviet army occupation of Czechoslovakia in 1968, Dana and Emil Zátopek refrained from public life. Emil was deprived of all his titles and he had to make a living as a factory worker.
In 1990 Václav Havel vindicated him, in 1997 he was declared the home athlete of the century and two years later, in 1999, he was also declared the Czech Olympian of the century. He was a three time winner of the world opinion poll regarding the Best World Sportsman and is one of the most famous Czech sportsman of all times. He broke 13 world records long distance events. He died in November 2000 at the age of 78.

Dana Zátopková holds the last world record in javelin with wooden spear prior to metal spear. After finishing her career she worked as the youth trainer in athletics for spear discipline and later she trained in shot putting as well. She closely cooperated with the International Athletic Federation, until today she has been a member of the board of the Czech Olympians Club and has been active in the athletic world. She was awarded an Olympic Order in 1988, 15 years later she received a State Decoration, a Medal of Merit.
Dana Zátopková had a fracture at the age of 85, since then she has hard time walking.
She says: ”A man learns about his inferiority. We, the sportsmen, experience this more intensively than those who never did any sport. It is very important to go out into public and make people do sport, be interested in it, bring their children up in sport.”
Until today Dana Zátopková is a vital woman, ready to present sport to people.

In conclusion, Dana noted: ”My life was interesting. I was busy, I experienced much success, so I cannot complain. Just the opposite, I am happy my life went in such an interesting way.” She wishes to stay here with us just a little longer.

Mrs. Zátopková´s stories and documents from her sport life and her sport success were very inspiring. Her physical fitness and strength, her stamina in overcoming life obstacles impressed our patients.

She became a ”Woman of Steel” for us.

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